Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Panama Air Rally 2013 Final Leg

Unfortunately due to other commitments I can’t do as many virtual flights as I would love to. Therefore it took me eight months to complete the 789 nautical mile round-the-country tour of Panama using Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

The last leg was just like the one before, 69 nm from Rio Hato airport using Lord of Wings Flight Simulation add-on scenery via UKATI intersection to Taboga VOR/DME and finally to Tocumen International Airport.


This was pretty much the only leg where you could use a commercial jetliner.

In this category of aircraft I am afraid I only have stock aircrafts in my hangar. There are many freeware a/c for FSX but they either lack a descent 3D virtual cockpit or have textures and models that are just not fine enough for my taste.

So for this last leg I chose the stock Boeing 737-800 with the KLM livery, one of my favorite airlines. Took off from Rio Hat (ICAO: MPRH) runway 36 with just enough fuel to be lightweight. In this screenshot (sorry, the only one I took) overflying the Chame civil airport by Lord of Wings Flight Simulation which replaces the stock airport which is just a bare runway with nothing familiar around it. This add-on, reproduces some of the surroundings such as fences, a/c parkings, roads as well as the airport runway. Buildings are just stock because the author was not allowed to take pictures of the airport or its buildings by the police (yes, Panama is weird, still some of the dictatorial stuff remains) and therefore unable to design them in 3D.

UKATI is just near Rio Hato which by the end of the year will sport a brand new runway and passenger terminal after way too many years of abandonment. After UKATI I flew to DAMAX intersection on the same airway which is just on the Chame insel just ahead.

From there on to Taboga island making use of the VOR/DME (110.00) of the same name (NDB available as well). Finally just prior to reaching Taboga I swapped the NAV1 frequencies to put TBG on standby (ADF still on TBG) and the INAT (110.70) ILS for runway 03 of Tocumen International (ICAO: MPTO) on the active frequency.

From there on passing at around 3,500 feet and intercepting the ILS both laterally and on the glideslope for an unventful touchdown at Tocumen.

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