Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Caribbean Adventure – Caracas to St. Maarten

Having completed the Panama Air Rally 2013 which was mostly a GA adventure ending with a jet on the only ILS approach possible on that tour, I am now setting into a new adventure.

The purpose of the Caribbean adventure is to utilize several aircrafts, among which the Boeing 737-800 (stock), the BAe Jetstream 41 (PMDG), the Piper Seneca II (Carenado), the Twin Otter 300 (Aerosoft) and perhaps the stock Beechcraft King Air 350 and Cessna Cargo Master C250B.

The adventure which is still being planned would start with the Boeing on the route Caracas to Trinidad & Tobago, two major airports with ILS.

The tour would be island hoping in the hopes of encountering interesting FSX destinations traveling above the water expanse and approaching into islands. Obviously most of it would be Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) at either dusk or dawn with hopefully challenging weather conditions, either real time or induced should the real time weather be too boring. And who knows, should the IVAO ATC be online even better!

So, if you would also like to embark into this adventure let me know by sending me a Tweet at @aviationweb . Now, if you fly VATSIM feel free to fly the tour as well though we wouldn’t be able to see each other online.

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