Thursday, 26 October 2017

CH Products Yoke got sticky?

I certainly cannot remember how my CH Products USB Yoke felt when I bought it. Sure it felt great to have it, it definitely took my flight simulation to a whole higher level! But what I mean is how it felt on my hand as I pulled and pushed the yoke (elevator axis) or left and right (aileron axis).

One thing is sure though, the aileron axis is not that succeptive and it nicely returns to its center position. However, the elevator axis now does not quite do. I cannot remember if it ever did.

Anyway, I was thinking on breaking it apart for inspection, also considered lubricating it. However, looking at some posts on the Internet I came up with this conclusions:

  • If you apply a lube or oil of some kind, it may work well in the beginning provided you cleaned it first. But in the end due to hit and dust it would turn into a sticky mess.
  • The yoke did not came with any lubrication that I know of.
  • Graphite lube is not good because it is conductive and as it gets inside the case it may do some damage on other electrical components.
 But perhaps the most important information was one I came across that was provided by a CH Products employee and that is:

Never put lubricant on the yoke's shaft because it will turn sticky after some time. Never apply petroleum based products or even WD40 because it will start eating the plastic material on the shaft or in contact with the shaft. And... use just alcohol to clean the yoke's shaft.
 Well, I just used alcohol and will see the results when I do my next flight. Until then my friends, happy flying!

Open Up or Not?
 I was having a bit of problems with the yoke as well mainly that the shaft seems to get a bit stuck (not much though). Luckily I did not go the fluid path but opening up the device to clean it was not very appealing.

I followed the advise of CH Products to clean the yoke's shaft with Alcohol after removing the dust and did a few test flights on single engine and bimotor and I think I have noticed an improvement.

Additionally I downloaded the CH Products calibration software to recalibrate and now I am satisfied. Ready for happy flying!

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